Summer holidays mean sketchbook o’clock

As it’s the school summer holidays, I am on childcare duty and so my grand painting plans are put on hold until September. To make paintings I really need to concentrate, which is hard to do when looking after a four year old!

Keeping up with my sketchbook is a good way to continue enjoying making art, without actually having to think too much. I can whip out my sketchbook anytime, and shove it away after a ten minute drawing session. I am drawing from life most of the time, though sometimes I draw from my imagination. Mainly it is a continuation of the visual journal I began in November 2013.

I am itching to carry on the paintings that I consider my ‘proper’ art, but they’ll have to wait a while!

Here’s a few recent sketchbook pages, (which you may also have seen if you follow me on instagram or twitter – see links at top of page).

This is a quick sketch of my husband, grimacing whilst playing Red Dead Redemption on the ps3. He claims he is enjoying himself.

This is a sketch of my cat, done in marker pen and watercolour.



These three were done on Saturday, at Scarborough. There was a sound system, a steel band and dancers from Leeds West Indian Carnival. It was great!
I also drew the view from the Spa Hotel, as I waited for my drawing group Sketch That to turn up and join me. It was hot, and I got sunburned ears – the only bit I forgot to put sun cream on!

This is my favourite drawing, in highlighter pen and watercolour- it’s of the steel band. They were awesome!

And here’s a photo of my boy, watching TV, and the sketch I did of him, in ink and watercolour.

When there’s nothing else to draw, draw your pot plant! Here’s my favourite plant, done in felt tip pen and watercolour, and gel ink pen.

This is a sketch I did to occupy some time whilst I was babysitting one evening for a friend. It’s from the cover of the inspiring book ‘Clothes Clothes Clothes Music Music Music Boys Boys Boys’ by Viv Albertine. (Thanks to Vicky Peck for loaning it to me).

I also drew/painted this last night, it’s a present for my Step Grandma who will be 90 soon! I hope she likes it. It’s pencil, watercolour and coloured pencil on a little Japanese postcard I got in Tokyo.

So, I’m happily motoring my way through a couple of sketchbooks. I have a little Moleskine watercolour landscape one, which cost a fortune, and I dislike (as it has rounded corners on the pages). The other one is a Hahnemule sketchbook, 140gsm (or 65lbs if you are American) and it is gorgeous. I definitely want more of these! At this rate, they’ll both be full in no time.

For anyone who is holding out for my ‘real’ work though, hang on in there, it’s coming round in Autumn!


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