New paintings – fingers, cords, blades and Debbie

Here are some more recently finished paintings from the Sawing a Woman in Half series.

I’m posting them here in batches, rather than all at once because it takes up so much time! Like lots of other artists, I have several online profiles to maintain, and so I spend a lot of time that I could be making art in uploading jpegs and writing art descriptions. Obviously it’s great to have a convenient way to reach a lot of people via the internet, but it does eat up a lot of time!

I do like sharing my art with the world, and I love having a blog where I can explain my ideas and show what I am up to; but apologies if I only upload a handful at a time. I’m desperate to get back to painting!

All of the paintings below are acrylic on canvas, and measure 35 x 27cm. They are for sale at £390.00 (contact me for more details).


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