Some photos from Shelf Life at PS Mirabel

Last night I popped over to Manchester for the opening party for Shelf Life at PS Mirabel. I hadn’t realised that there would also be an opening at Paper gallery which is right next door, so that was good. Two exhibitions!

It was really busy even though I arrived at about 5 past 6. The work was displayed on shelves all around the space (Shelf Life) and I took a couple of photos – though I was not sure that artists would appreciate me publishing them here, so I’ve stuck to the images that have my work in them too.

PS Mirabel & Paper
PS Mirabel & Paper
Shelf life view 1
Shelf life view 1

It’s a pretty tiny gallery space – well, Project Space officially. It was hard to get a photo with no people in it as it was so busy! In the above photo, my work can be seen on the top shelf (the one with a ribbon on the far right, and the very shiny pink one).

I love the two that are sandwiched in between them, they are ‘Egg Tray’ and ‘Fish’ by Emily Cranny. I also really like the two central ones on the bottom shelf, which are called ‘I can float’ and ‘You don’t float’; they’re by Erin Sevink-Johnston.

The exhibition at Paper is ‘The shadow of an unseen power’ by Lisa Wilkens, which is incredible. Tiny little images with incredible detail – someone told me they were painted with a tiny brush in ink, but they were photo realistic. Amazing.

Shelf life view 2
Shelf life view 2

This display has one of my pieces at the bottom right, the yellow one, named, er, ‘Lello’. The middle shelf has work by an artist whose work I really admire, Corrina Spencer. It’s the one on the far left; ‘Busts’, oil on paper. Teenie tiny!

Top left is ‘Glitter Orange Protection’ by Lisa Jones, who had two others I also admired, all made from polystyrene protective packaging with sand and glitter stuck on. So purdy! I can imagine them enlarged somehow, made into flipping great huge sculptures, 3 metres high; that would be fabulous. But small is also good.

And then I went home on a train that took FOREVER because naughty passengers caused delays.


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