Woman applying Lipstick – just finished – slideshow of painting in progesss

I completed this latest painting on Friday last week. Here’s a few photos of the piece that I took as I progressed, the final one being the finished piece.

‘Woman applying lipstick’, 100 x 100 x 4cm, acrylic on canvas, £375.00

She’s the latest in the series of paintings I’ve been doing from found photos of women, but this series has developed into a new idea for me. This week I’ll begin work on some new paintings that lead on from these women ones. I’ve been imagining backstories for the women as I painted them, imagined who they were and what they were doing, and it’s starting to become a new project. I can’t talk about it in detail yet, as it needs work, but the women are about to enter a new phase.

As for promising to reveal more later.. I’m still waiting for the person who commissioned me a few weeks ago, to give me the green light to reveal the completed painting! They want to have a ‘reveal’ party, so, I guess this has to wait until they’re ready, even though I’m excited to post it here on my blog.



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