Abstract paintings for January & Newton family portrait

I’ve just added three new abstract paintings for sale in my store. They’re very small at 20 x 20cm and 15 x 10cm, and they are also very modestly priced at £40/£30 plus postage.

January abstract 1 Helen Dryden 2016
January Abstract 1, Helen Dryden 2016
January Abstract 2 Helen Dryden 2016 b
January Abstract 2, Helen Dryden 2016
January abstract 3 Helen Dryden 2016
January Abstract 3, Helen Dryden 2016


Today I mailed another commission I have just finished, this time a family group portrait. Very different in style to the abstract work above!

I was asked by my friend Rosie Newton to do a family portrait of herself, her husband Alan, and their three small children. As you can imagine, getting all three kids to sit still at the same time was going to be tricky, so I took a lot of photos and picked out the best poses from each one. Alina (in the middle) is wearing headphones and listening to music! (The Aquabats I think).

Rosie had seen one of my sketches that she liked, on facebook a while ago. It was one that I had done quickly at the dining table, of my husband and son eating and playing on my ipad. She liked the immediacy of the pencil and watercolour sketch and asked if I could use this technique for her painting.

Newton portrait
Newton family portrait, pencil and watercolour, Helen Dryden 2016

This is the end result, above, which I think worked nicely!



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