‘Moments’ group show coming soon, and new Girl Town

I’ve just had some pleasing news that I’ve been invited to take part in a group show at Bowery gallery in Leeds. I had a solo show there at the end of 2013/14, called ‘Bof!’ which involved me filling an entire room with wall paintings and painted cardboard boxes.(see below)

Installation view of bof! by Helen Dryden, 2013
Installation view of bof! at Bowery gallery, 2013/14

My work has developed and changed somewhat since then (only a short time ago really, but my art work looks quite different) and this time I will be exhibiting six acrylic on canvas paintings in a show called ‘Moments’.

Other artists participating are Rachel Johns and Elizabeth Nast, and I will post more info about this exciting exhibition very soon.

I also have two new paintings that I completed recently to show you here:

The first is ‘Untitled #1 2016’ (below)

Untitled #1 2016 - Helen Dryden 2016
Untitled #1 2016, Helen Dryden, 2016. 60 x 60cm, acrylic on canvas.

and this is ‘Girl Town Pool Babes’:

Girl Town Pool Babes - Helen Dryden 2016
Girl Town Pool Babes, Helen Dryden 2016, acrylic and iridescent glitter on canvas, 60 x 60cm, 2016.

This week, disappointingly, I have had very little actual PAINTING time, as I have been busy sorting out other art related matters, (and also getting my first ever tattoo, which took up most of yesterday’s studio time!) but I have this in progress at the moment:






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