Highlights exhibition

If you are heading down to BrewDog to see my new work, make sure you also pop into the Leeds Corn Exchange to take in the Highlights exhibition too: it’s a sample of over a hundred pieces of artwork from The Arts & Minds Network members.

Detail of work by Mark Lerman (bottom)

“The Arts & Minds Network aims to bring together people in Leeds who believe the arts can promote mental well being. The network is open to anyone who in Leeds wants to see the growth of arts and health – including service users, carers, mental health workers, artists, arts organisations and mental health organisations.”


The Love Arts Leeds Gallery, Highlights 2016
Detail of a piece by Kristina Spink.

The Art of Recovery exhibition also features in an adjacent exhibition of diverse work that’s worth investigation (to find it, go through the glass doors).

From The Art of Recovery; “Art Plays a pivotal role in improving the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals through creating opportunities and environments that empower people to recover. The art groups that run across Leeds to support, engage, rehabilitate and inspire clients have produced some amazing work. The art of recovery was initiated to showcase this work.”



Little Edie by Kat Archibald, at Highlights.

Lovely to catch up with @helen_dryden and meet Eddie

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Above photo by forever_nerds – my work in Highlights is the top two paintings.

by Rejectamental

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