More news about Sketch That 3rd Group Show

As my previous post said, Sketch That are having a third annual exhibition of art at Heart in Headingley this November, with the opening party on Saturday 26th from 1 – 3pm.

Everyone is welcome to join us to view the new work by 13 artists who are all members of the urban sketching group.

Here’s a link to the event:

And here’s a little more information about the artists and Sketch That.

As well as meeting to draw in the Leeds and West Yorkshire area, Sketch That have a facebook group where artists and illustrators of all types can share ideas, job opportunities, or photos. New members are always welcome to join, just send a request to the page.

The artists exhibiting in this year’s show are:

(click names to visit each artist’s website, where one is available)

Kat Archibald

Louise Atkinson

Ian Cockburn

Angela Diplock

Helen Dryden (Hey! That’s me!)

Helen Field

Vanessa Guy

Sandra Mcgarr

Geraldine R. Montgomerie

Fred Pepper

Joe Redhead


Tony Warren

I can’t give away yet what will be on show! There will be pictures after the exhibition opens. But if you want to check out what Sketch That did last year, here’s a few pictures:

The exhibition runs until January 10th 2017.

Top snacks on offer!
Billy Bhuna, Angela Diplock and Ian Cockburn.
Drawings by Sandra Mcgarr
Paintings by Ian Cockburn
Art by Helen Dryden
Art by Amy Griffiths
Art by Vanessa Guy
Art by Daniel Hesketh
Sketch That Group Show 2015
Art by Kat Archibald
Angela Diplock with her work
Daniel with his work
Abstract art by Caroline Dudley
Sarah, Ian and Geraldine
Rejectamental aka Jax, with her assemblage art




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