Cards and Commissions

Recently I moved house and so I had a short break in making art while I moved all my things and then set up again in my new house. It’s a temporary, rented house as we are waiting to complete the sale on a house we are buying, and so I’m going to be moving again with my husband and son in a few weeks hopefully.

Here’s a little video of my new work place!

Obviously it’s been quite disruptive in terms of getting down to making some art, but I’m all set up now, and I finished a portrait commission last week. I’ve also been concentrating on building my etsy store and filling it with paintings, prints and greetings cards, so head on over there if you’re interested.

Ga card 4
Art card ‘Garden in Ripon’ available on etsy

I set up my etsy shop as a way to make some of my art more affordable to those on a stricter budget. Art cards are just £2.20, and prints are £20.

All my usual work is of course still available through axisweb or saatchiart so if you want to buy something, or commission me please email

Kitchen vessels study 3, Helen Dryden 2017
Kitchen Vessels study 3, Helen Dryden 2017, available as a print on etsy

There’s still time to check out the Hip Hop exhibition at Sela Bar in Leeds, which will be on until sometime in May, and I have been applying for art opportunities so I hope to have news of the next exhibition I’m involved in soon.

Have a nice day!

If you like my art, why not subscribe to be my Patron at Patreon? From $1 a month, you can unsubscribe any time you like. I have so many patron-only posts on there now, since starting in November ’16!





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