Colouring in download, ‘Art &’ art fair and Double Yolk exhibition

Colouring In

You can get access to loads of exclusive stuff on my Patreon page and yesterday I uploaded a colouring in page for Patrons to download. Check it out

It’s only a dollar a month to subscribe and you’d be helping me out by stabilising my unpredictable artist’s income!


Art& art fair

Other good news this week – I’ve been selected for the ‘Art &’ art fair in York this Autumn.

It’s really exciting as I haven’t done an art fair in AGES and I’m keen to show off my work and meet new people at York Racecourse. I’ll be working on a load of new paintings and drawings specially for this event, as well as having some of my old favourites up for sale. There’ll be more news about Art& as we get nearer the time.


Double Yolk

Currently I have some work in an exciting exhibition in Newcastle Upon Tyne, created by Double Yolk, an artists collective who asked for artists to submit work that they would print out or display on screens. More info here

Sketch That

Lots going on, as always! And it’s with a sad heart that I’ve had to put my work with Sketch That on hold for a while. I set up the Urban Sketching/artist networking group with Angela Diplock in 2013 and we have been meeting monthly and having annual exhibitions since then. At the moment though I find myself a bit too busy to keep up with the demand of running the group so I’m taking a break to recharge my batteries. Angela left last year and I’ve struggled to find anyone with enough time on their hands to be able to pick up some of the extra work. But we’ll be back when I have more time! I love our meet ups and it’s great to chat with my art mates. Look out for our annual exhibition returning in November 2017.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m sorry to hear Sketch That is taking a break. It’s a fab idea, folks love it and appreciate all your efforts in making them happen. I’m sure, when the time is right, the Sketch That ‘get together’ will come biting at your ankles for more. Until then, run wild and free you beauty!

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