I promise more posts!

Looking back over my recent activity on this here blog of mine made me realise that I’m not posting as much as I’d like to, and maybe not telling people as much about my processes and thoughts as I would like either.

So I intend to change that and aim to post once a week if not more, with kind of general news and ideas and such. Maybe it will be more rambling and loose but I think that in order for this blog to be of use to anyone it’s got to be a more open reflection of what’s going on in my head, art wise. It will be more of a stream of consciousness journal than a marketing tool, as it has unfortunately seemed recently.

I now post twice a week on my Patreon page, for my sexy lovely Patrons, and the content there is different to this blog. Patrons get exclusive access to downloads and behind the scenes things. Here you get similar-but-not quite as top secret. It’ll be like my spontaneous notepad, made public. Exciting, huh?


My thoughts today are concerned with a new batch of paintings I’m working on. Painting in acrylic on paper, I’m doing lots of small ish A4 size paintings, as quite frankly my house is full of canvases and I can’t ask my family to put up with more of our space being taken up by art work!

The new paintings are a bit experimental which thrills me and terrifies me. Painting can be like making up a language that you aren’t sure you can translate to others but that you hope they can understand, by reading your gestures and looking for clues. If it’s immediately obvious what’s going on then I’m not so interested in a painting. You’ve got to be able to make layers of associations.

On the one hand I love to paint things-that-look-like-the-thing, and on the other I like formal abstraction and on the (3rd!) hand I like to express feelings and emotions with the paint. So a combination of expressionist appropriation and semi abstract realism (? Which I think I just made up) is what I’m doing.

Which is making me twitch a bit and worry that no one will read my paintings and understand what I’m doing. But does that matter? Um, I dunno.

Right, so back to painting then, and I’m in the middle of doing a yellow sick greens park scene with some German goths looking like medieval saints.   A WIP photo above! I’ll probably post the finished one on Instagram so look out for that. X



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