witchy finger sexy claw creepy hands

Creepy Hands 1 Helen Dryden 2017

A few weeks ago I made a load of watercolours on paper focusing on ladies’ hands with manicures, as I had noticed that my social media and Pintrest feeds seemed to have a lot of photos with people’s hands in them. The high streets of the UK are full of nail bars, and acrylic nails are really popular at the moment. I’m a bit fascinated by this as I’ll admit that I find super long nails really strange looking, and I find that if my own nails grow any further than the end of my finger tips I cut them off as they are so impractical and impossible to keep clean with all the painting and drawing I do.

Taking advice from an Instagram post by illustrator Fay Moorhouse “Paint what you love and paint it over and over again” I set about painting what I don’t particularly love, but am compelled to study!

Creepy Hands 2 SCAN Helen Dryden 2017.jpg

I painted the creepy hands in watercolour on heavyweight cartridge paper. (My favourite paper is Daler Rowney Smooth Heavyweight paper) and kept them in a drawer for a while, before deciding to list them on etsy.

I love Fay Moorhouse’s work, and her wonky dogs remind me of some of the animals I was obsessed with painting at one time. I think I am going to remember her advice and make another body of work where I thoroughly explore one motif, it was really satisfying to do, and I like the results.

Creepy Hand 7 SCAN

Scratch your way over to etsy to see the rest of these witchy fingers!

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