Located in Leeds, UK, I create drawings and paintings with atmospheric or emotional resonance, which can often veer into absurdity.

Working primarily in acrylic on canvas, I explore the tension between life as external ‘reality’ and my inner imagination and emotions. My paintings are sometimes inspired by sketches and photographs I have taken of friends and family; at other times they are purely imaginary scenarios.

Music, walking amongst trees, and horror/sci-fi books and films feed my interest in perception, alternate realities and the exploration of humanity and nature’s strangeness. I think about humanity’s place in the world, and how we fit in with each other and our environment.

I combine abstract with figurative imagery to create paintings that can be ambiguous and dreamlike, or more representational. Within the body of my work the viewer can be free to make their own associations, as they weave in and out of reality.I studied BA (Hons) Graphic Arts and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University and MA Curation Practices at Leeds Arts University, and have a Foundation Degree from Cleveland College of Art.

I am also the curator of Compact Contemporary gallery

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