BA (Hons) Graphic Arts & Design, Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett)

Currently studying MA Curation Practices, Leeds Arts University

With my paintings and drawings I am interested in exploring the area between representation and abstraction. Beginning with sketches drawn from life, my photographs, and from my imagination I subvert and disrupt the image through the process of painting. Each painting feeds into the next, and I use formal ‘rules’ to compose and construct the piece. Then I break my own rules – each painting is like a game I play within the constraints of the canvas. I am moved by colour and texture and the intellectual, sensual and emotive properties of a painting. The viewer is challenged to create their own narrative around the paintings, which can be ambiguous, humorous or strange.

Within my curation practice, I am developing my work into a socially-engaged model, which promotes artists, and works with the input of audiences. I am interested in using art to connect audiences with heritage.  Currently I am working towards my dissertation which involves a practical project where artists are commissioned to respond to a contested heritage site in Leeds, with elements of audience participation.